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🛠 [Checker Framework](https://github.com/typetools/checker-framework/) - Pluggable type-checking for Java http://checkerframework.org/

🛠 [checkstyle](https://github.com/checkstyle/checkstyle) - checking Java source code for adherence to a Code Standard or set of validation rules (best practices)

🛠 [ck](https://github.com/mauricioaniche/ck) - calculates Chidamber and Kemerer object-oriented metrics by processing the source Java files

🛠 [ckjm](http://www.spinellis.gr/sw/ckjm/) - calculates Chidamber and Kemerer object-oriented metrics by processing the bytecode of compiled Java files

🛠 [ClassGraph](https://github.com/classgraph/classgraph) - a classpath and module path scanner for querying or visualizing class metadata or class relatedness

🛠 [CogniCrypt](https://www.eclipse.org/cognicrypt/) - checks Java source and byte code for incorrect uses of cryptographic APIs

🛠 [DesigniteJava](http://www.designite-tools.com/designitejava) :copyright: - DesigniteJava supports detection of various architecture, design, and implementation smells along with computation of various code quality metrics.

🛠 [Error-prone](https://github.com/google/error-prone) - Catch common Java mistakes as compile-time errors

🛠 [fb-contrib](https://github.com/mebigfatguy/fb-contrib) - A plugin for FindBugs with additional bug detectors

🛠 [Find Security Bugs](https://find-sec-bugs.github.io/) - IDE/SonarQube plugin for security audits of Java web applications.

🛠 [google-java-format](https://github.com/google/google-java-format) - Google Style Reformat

🛠 [Hopper](https://github.com/cuplv/hopper) - A static analysis tool written in scala for languages that run on JVM

🛠 [HuntBugs](https://github.com/amaembo/huntbugs) - Bytecode static analyzer tool based on Procyon Compiler Tools aimed to supersede FindBugs.

🛠 [JArchitect](https://www.jarchitect.com) :copyright: - Measure, query and visualize your code and avoid unexpected issues, technical debt and complexity.

🛠 [JBMC](http://www.cprover.org/jbmc/) - bounded model-checker for Java (bytecode), verifies user-defined assertions, standard assertions, several coverage metric analyses

🛠 [NullAway](https://github.com/uber/NullAway) - Type-based null-pointer checker with low build-time overhead; an [Error Prone](http://errorprone.info/) plugin

🛠 [OWASP Dependency Check](https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Dependency_Check) - Checks dependencies for known, publicly disclosed, vulnerabilities.

🛠 [qulice](https://www.qulice.com/) - combines a few (pre-configured) static analysis tools (checkstyle, PMD, Findbugs, …).

🛠 [Soot](https://sable.github.io/soot/) - A framework for analyzing and transforming Java and Android applications.

🛠 [Spoon](https://github.com/INRIA/spoon) - Library to write your own static analyses and architectural rule checkers for Java. Can be integrated in Maven and Gradle.

🛠 [SpotBugs](https://spotbugs.github.io/) - SpotBugs is FindBugs' successor. A tool for static analysis to look for bugs in Java code.

🛠 [Xanitizer](https://xanitizer.com/) - Xanitizer finds security vulnerabilities in Java/Scala web applications.

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