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IDE plugins

🛠 [Attackflow Extension](https://www.attackflow.com/Extension) :copyright: - Attackflow plugin for Visual Studio, which enables developers to find critical security bugs at real time in the source code without any prior knowledge.

🛠 [DevSkim](https://github.com/Microsoft/DevSkim) - Inline, realtime security analysis. Works with multiple programming languages and IDEs (VS, VS Code, Sublime Text, …).

🛠 [Puma Scan](https://github.com/pumasecurity/puma-scan) - Puma Scan provides real time secure code analysis for common vulnerabilities (XSS, SQLi, CSRF, LDAPi, crypto, deserialization, etc.) as development teams write code in Visual Studio.

🛠 [Security Code Scan](https://security-code-scan.github.io/) - Security code analyzer for C# and VB.NET that integrates into Visual Studio 2015 and newer. Detects various security vulnerability patterns: SQLi, XSS, CSRF, XXE, Open Redirect, etc.

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