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Des ressources et outils pour l'exploitation des Browsers

🛠 I have just presented my first ever talk, “The Art of WebKit Exploitation” at BSides Delhi 2019 — for those not at the conference, it's a talk about everything I've learnt exploiting the WebKit browser engine. http://blog.umangis.me/the-art-of-webkit-exploitation/

🛠 Exploiting a Safari information leak https://phoenhex.re/2018-09-26/safari-array-concat

🛠 Attacking Client-Side JIT Compilers https://saelo.github.io/presentations/blackhat_us_18_attacking_client_side_jit_compilers.pdf

🛠 Exploiting Logic Bugs in JavaScript JIT Engines http://phrack.org/papers/jit_exploitation.html

🛠 awesome list of browser exploitation tutorials https://github.com/Escapingbug/awesome-browser-exploit

🛠 An updated collection of resources targeting browser-exploitation. https://github.com/m1ghtym0/browser-pwn

🛠 BrowserExploit is an advanced browser exploit pack for doing internal and external pentesting, helping gaining access to internal computers. https://github.com/julienbedard/browsersploit

🛠 CVE-2014-0322 IE10 CMarkup http://repwn.com/archives/18/

🛠 Internet Explorer 10 Exploit - God mode https://hyunmini.tistory.com/m/108

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