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Xylitol [Analyse de PE]
outils_malware [2019/06/14 09:19] (Version actuelle)
Ligne 196: Ligne 196:
 [[https://www.osronline.com/article.cfm?article=157|OSRLoader]] sert à charger des drivers rapidement et proprement. [[https://www.osronline.com/article.cfm?article=157|OSRLoader]] sert à charger des drivers rapidement et proprement.
 +-   [pyew](https://github.com/joxeankoret/pyew): command line hexadecimal
 +    editor and disassembler, mainly to analyze malware
 +-   [Exefilter](http://www.decalage.info/exefilter): filter file formats
 +    in e-mails, web pages or files. Detects many common file formats and
 +    can remove active content
 +-   [pyClamAV](http://xael.org/norman/python/pyclamav/index.html): add
 +    virus detection capabilities to your Python software
 +-   [jsunpack-n](https://github.com/urule99/jsunpack-n), generic
 +    JavaScript unpacker: emulates browser functionality to detect
 +    exploits that target browser and browser plug-in vulnerabilities
 +-   [yara-python](https://github.com/plusvic/yara/tree/master/yara-python):
 +    identify and classify malware samples
 +-   [phoneyc](https://github.com/honeynet/phoneyc): pure Python
 +    honeyclient implementation
 +-   [CapTipper](https://github.com/omriher/CapTipper): analyse, explore and
 +    revive HTTP malicious traffic from PCAP file
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