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🛠 awesome-mobile-security awesome https://github.com/vaib25vicky/awesome-mobile-security

🛠 Mobile Application Penetration Testing Cheat Sheet https://github.com/sh4hin/MobileApp-Pentest-Cheatsheet

🛠 OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide https://mobile-security.gitbook.io/mobile-security-testing-guide/

🛠 Android Hacking for BugBounty https://youtu.be/4h2XjIw16Dg

Metasploit generated APK file into another APK

🛠 A quick and dirty python script to embed a Metasploit generated APK file into another APK. https://github.com/yoda66/AndroidEmbedIT

Static Analysis

🛠 JD-GUI - https://github.com/java-decompiler/jd-gui - JD-GUI is a standalone graphical utility that displays Java source codes of “.class” files. You can browse the reconstructed source code with the JD-GUI for instant access to methods and fields.

🛠 Pidcat-ex - https://github.com/healthluck/pidcat-ex- Pidcat - Colored logcat script which only shows log entries for a specific application package.

🛠 AndroBugs Framework - https://github.com/AndroBugs/AndroBugs_Framework- AndroBugs Framework is an Android vulnerability analysis system that helps developers or hackers find potential security vulnerabilities in Android applications. No splendid GUI interface, but the most efficient (less than 2 minutes per scan in average) and more accurate.

🛠 ApkTool - https://github.com/iBotPeaches/Apktool - A tool for reverse engineering 3rd party, closed, binary Android apps. It can decode resources to nearly original form and rebuild them after making some modifications; it makes possible to debug smali code step by step. Also it makes working with an app easier because of project-like file structure and automation of some repetitive tasks like building apk, etc.

🛠 Amandroid – A Static Analysis Framework](http://pag.arguslab.org/argus-saf)

🛠 Androwarn – Androwarn is a tool whose main aim is to detect and warn the user about potential malicious behaviours developped by an Android application](https://github.com/maaaaz/androwarn/)

🛠 APK Analyzer – Static and Virtual Analysis Tool](https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/ApkAnalyser)

🛠 APK Inspector – A Powerful GUI Tool](https://github.com/honeynet/apkinspector/)

🛠 Droid Hunter – Android application vulnerability analysis and Android pentest tool](https://github.com/hahwul/droid-hunter)

🛠 Error Prone – Static Analysis Tool](https://github.com/google/error-prone)

🛠 Findbugs – Find Bugs in Java Programs](http://findbugs.sourceforge.net/downloads.html)

🛠 Find Security Bugs – A SpotBugs plugin for security audits of Java web applications.](https://github.com/find-sec-bugs/find-sec-bugs/)

🛠 Flow Droid – FlowDroid data flow analysis tool. FlowDroid statically computes data flows in Android apps and Java programs. Its goal is to provide researchers and practitioners with a tool and library on which they can base their own research projects and product implementations](https://github.com/secure-software-engineering/FlowDroid)

🛠 Smali/Baksmali – Assembler/Disassembler for the dex format](https://github.com/JesusFreke/smali)

🛠 Smali-CFGs – Smali Control Flow Graph’s](https://github.com/EugenioDelfa/Smali-CFGs)

🛠 SPARTA – Static Program Analysis for Reliable Trusted Apps](https://www.cs.washington.edu/sparta)

🛠 Thresher – To check heap reachability properties](https://plv.colorado.edu/projects/thresher/)

🛠 Vector Attack Scanner – To search vulnerable points to attack](https://github.com/Sukelluskello/VectorAttackScanner)

🛠 Gradle Static Analysis Plugin](https://github.com/novoda/gradle-static-analysis-plugin)

🛠 Checkstyle – A tool for checking Java source code](https://github.com/checkstyle/checkstyle)

🛠 PMD – An extensible multilanguage static code analyzer](https://github.com/pmd/pmd)

🛠 Soot – A Java Optimization Framework](https://github.com/Sable/soot)

🛠 Android Quality Starter](https://github.com/pwittchen/android-quality-starter)

🛠 QARK – Tool to look for several security related Android application vulnerabilities](https://github.com/linkedin/qark)

🛠 Infer – A Static Analysis tool for Java, C, C++ and Objective-C](https://github.com/facebook/infer)

🛠 Android Check – Static Code analysis plugin for Android Project](https://github.com/noveogroup/android-check)

🛠 FindBugs-IDEA Static byte code analysis to look for bugs in Java code](https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/3847-findbugs-idea)

Dynamic Analysis

🛠 Android Hooker - Opensource project for dynamic analyses of Android applications](https://github.com/AndroidHooker/hooker)

🛠 AppAudit - Online tool ( including an API) uses dynamic and static analysis](http://appaudit.io/)

🛠 AppAudit - A bare-metal analysis tool on Android devices](https://github.com/ucsb-seclab/baredroid)

🛠 CuckooDroid - Extension of Cuckoo Sandbox the Open Source software](https://github.com/idanr1986/cuckoo-droid)

🛠 DroidBox - Dynamic analysis of Android applications](https://code.google.com/p/droidbox/)

🛠 Droid-FF - Android File Fuzzing Framework](https://github.com/antojoseph/droid-ff)

🛠 Drozer](https://www.mwrinfosecurity.com/products/drozer/)

🛠 Marvin - Analyzes Android applications and allows tracking of an app](https://github.com/programa-stic/marvin-django)

🛠 Inspeckage](https://github.com/ac-pm/Inspeckage)

🛠 PATDroid - Collection of tools and data structures for analyzing Android applications](https://github.com/mingyuan-xia/PATDroid)

🛠 AndroL4b - Android security virtual machine based on ubuntu-mate](https://github.com/sh4hin/Androl4b)

🛠 Radare2 - Unix-like reverse engineering framework and commandline tools](https://github.com/radareorg/radare2)

🛠 Cutter - Free and Open Source RE Platform powered by radare2](https://cutter.re/)

🛠 ByteCodeViewer - Android APK Reverse Engineering Suite (Decompiler, Editor, Debugger)](https://github.com/Konloch/bytecode-viewer or https://bytecodeviewer.com/)

🛠 Mobile-Security-Framework MobSF](https://github.com/MobSF/Mobile-Security-Framework-MobSF)

🛠 CobraDroid - Custom build of the Android operating system geared specifically for application security ](https://thecobraden.com/projects/cobradroid/)

🛠 Magisk v20.2 - Root & Universal Systemless Interface](https://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/magisk/official-magisk-v7-universal-systemless-t3473445)

Android Online APK Analyzers

🛠 [android-lint-summary](https://github.com/passy/android-lint-summary) - Combines lint errors of multiple projects into one output, check lint results of multiple sub-projects at once.

🛠 Welcome to Android Application Security Series. This series contains some blog post about different types of vulnerabilities which are possible in Android Application’s and there exploitation methods. https://manifestsecurity.com/android-application-security/

🛠 ImmuniWeb® Mobile App Scanner - https://www.immuniweb.com/mobile/ - test security and privacy of mobile apps (iOS & Android).

🛠 Quixxi - https://vulnerabilitytest.quixxi.com/ - free Mobile App Vulnerability Scanner for Android & iOS.

🛠 Ostorlab - https://www.ostorlab.co/scan/mobile/ - analyzes mobile application to identify vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses.

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